Diamonds 4 C's- Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat

The Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut are the major and important components of a diamond. Normally a good number of people not spending their time in reviewing these components while purchasing a diamond, this may bring them to a false conclusion on buying a low quality diamond without their knowledge.
Generally all the diamonds will be classified based on these four C’s say Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. It is important for every buyer that they should have prior knowledge on these C’s before going to purchase a diamond.

The primary thing in these four C’s is the cut quality, when a diamond is not holding a good cut quality then this diamond will not be considered even if it have good components as color and clarity. When a diamond get’s a good cut after that only it will emerge out of its rough condition, and actually this cut quality only brings a majesty look and appearance to that diamond, in general the type of diamond cut decides that how much sparkle does the diamond should radiate. Among all the types of diamond cut the brilliant rounded cut is most dynamically practices the gem’s sparkle.

Most of the diamonds comes in normal color range which is said to be pale yellow or brown color, other than this any coloring if found is said to be fancy color diamonds. These Fancy color diamonds are very precious and very rare in the market and sure the price will be very high. The colorless diamonds are the purest form of diamonds and these colorless diamonds will be in bright white in appearance.

The Clarity of the diamond will always depends upon the number of scratches and flaws on that particular diamond. In our diamond market there are different categories in defining these flaws and scratches on the diamond to order the diamonds. The reduced number of flaws and scratches determines the clarity of those diamonds. The first quality of a diamond is said to be Flaw Less i.e. FL and others is Severely Included which denotes the Flaws that were included in those diamonds. Commercially available diamonds are graded as SI1, SI2 and etc. This denotes the Severely Included 1, Severely Included 2 and so on. The higher quality in this grading are said to be VS and VVS i.e. Very Slightly Included and Very Very Slightly Included.

Carat denotes the weight of any diamond, where in olden days carob seed was used to determine a carat of a diamond but later a carat was declared as 200 Milligrams. The price may increase by each carat increases, at our Jeweler’s market the common carat weights of diamonds are 0.50, 1.00, 1.25 and etc. A piece of diamond weighs 1.00 is equal to two separate diamonds that weighs 0.50 where the price is same, those who are interest in buying multiple diamonds instead of single large piece is possible.

The above parameter’s describes the each and every important component that used to determine the good quality diamond. These Important components say four C’s Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut only helps to determine the precious and quality diamond. Among these C’s the Cut quality of a diamond plays an important role where the brilliant cut will emerges a majesty look to that particular diamond. When you going to purchase a diamond in a Jeweler’s shop with these 4C’s in your mind i.e. the carat, color, cut and clarity. It also recommended having a budget, when you working on a budget the important thing to notify is no one will investigate to the quality that much you do. There are so many moderate diamonds available in the market with more number of sparkling in it, so it’s your hard effect to find the best one among these.

Most of the people will buy diamond for their Engagement rings where they purchasing the diamond the salesperson or the seller may easily cheat the customers by selling a low quality diamond or may charge extra price on those purchasing diamond rings. These can be reduced only when our customers got educated in diamond’s quality analysis, in this quality analysis the 4C’s only plays a vital role i.e. the Carat, Cut, Clarity and Color. The price of any diamond will be purely based on these 4C’s and another important aspect is having a budget where the diamond ranges in prices.

It is always recommended in having a review before going to purchase a diamond. There are lot and lot of sources in Internet describing with 4C’s say Carat, Cut, Clarity and Color, these explains on how to identify the quality diamonds. In purchasing the ring for engagement not only we have to investigate for 4C’s also we have to check whether this ring is not a second hand Jewel. Many offline dealers and sellers will sale a second hand jewel to a customer on the prices of New.

With all this it is highly recommended in having an expert’s suggestion where you come across with so many details relating in finding a Precious and Brilliant diamond, these instructions may entirely be processed by the diamond stone authority. There are various laboratories that always deal with the quality of a diamond such trusted Institutions are GIA i.e. Gemology Institute of America, AGS i.e. American Gem Society, and IGI i.e. International Gemology Institute. With these institutional bodies you can easily identify the high quality diamonds. You can pay a little more for a diamond with these certifications. Normally these certification numbers will be written on the thin edge of the stone itself.

As we conclude with our 4C’s components Carat, Color, Cut, and Clarity these will help a buyer in purchasing a quality diamond. It is highly recommended in having an expert’s guidance and also to have more number of reviews on online Jewelers and do not forget to check GIA and AGS in the gem stone. Always omit the offline Jewelry stores that also make sale on second hand Jewels.